Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

A long awaited Movie Review by The BIG Movie Company. An honest and unbiased move review by Aussie Film Makers.

Aussie Director Brad Diebert is on his own tonight without his movie review partner Executive Producer Tania Marino . But she still makes a stiff appearance when Wonder Woman is mentioned.

Gidday, welcome to The BIG movie company’s first movie review for 2016. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Sorry everybody we have been a bit late with our movie review but we have been building our new studio which will double for a lot of things including funny movie review.

Our first movie review for tonight is Warners Bros Batman vs Superman or Superman vs Batman or What the @#$% happened. I tell you what, what a movie that was. It was the one movie I really wanted to see this year and then it fell apart. Sorry guys, it did everything it wanted to do up until the end, they both had the same mothers name. It’s a spoiler I know, but the whole movie was spoiled by the one scene where Batman and Superman realised that there mother had the same name and Bang, it fell over. I’m sorry to spoil it for you, but i think I’m doing you a favour by making you not go and watch that film by letting you know what happened at the end. So for me Batman and Superman, did it do what it had to do as a film, yes in the sense that I paid my money to see Batman fight Superman, it happened, it happened in the last forty minutes of the film but it still happened, the rest of the time I had to wake up Tania. She didn’t even come in for the review.

What did I like about Batman vs Superman? Ok, well I liked the special effects, I liked Batman fighting Superman and I like Wonder Woman. Look don’t get me wrong, if you want a popcorn movie, it does that. I give Batman vs Superman a 2/12 out of 5.




Batman V Superman | Dawn of Justice (2016)

MOVIE REVIEWS BY FILM MAKERS FROM DOWN UNDER SPOILER ALERT The Creative Director Brad Diebert from The BIG Movie Company gives his take on the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Fantasy/ Science fiction film by DC Comics, directed by Zack Snyder.