When working with regional TV stations who have a hard time convincing their clients to invest in expensive, traditional advertising, you need to call in the BIG guns like Creative Director and master props builder Brad Diebert who came up with the concept to build a miniature house and flood it. The miniature house was placed upside down so that the water went down the central pipe and through the centre, creating a flooding effect. Miniature furniture was placed inside in order to get washed out through the windows.

The set was created in 2 days and the flooding was a one take wonder as the roof tiles were made with eatable grains and started falling off.   

It not everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing is for sure this commercial was the talk of the Manning Valley at one point getting a lot of attention for Richie’s Plumbing Service 


Brad Diebert – Creative Director | Cinematographer | Props Builder | Editor

Tania Marino – Producer | Script 

Ted Treasure – Props SPFX